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Teaching and learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)


PBL is a systems approach to establishing the social culture and behavioural supports needed for all children in a school to achieve both social and academic success. PBL is not a packaged curriculum, but an approach that defines core elements that can be achieved through a variety of strategies.” (G.Sugai, R. Horner; 2007)

Positve behaviour supports can effectively address a range of behavioural needs from those who just need minor supports to those who require more intensive in-depth supports. The goal of PBL is to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all students, especially students with challenging social behaviours, by establishing an effective continuum of PBL systems and practices.



With PBL:

  • Expectations for student behaviour are defined by a school based team with all staff input.

  • Effective behavioural support is implemented consistently by staff and administration. 

  • Appropriate student behaviour is taught 

  • Positive behaviours are publicly acknowledged. 

  • Problem behaviours have clear consequences

  • Student behaviour is monitored and staff receive regular feedback.

  • Effective behavioural support strategies are implemented at the school-wide, specific setting, classroom, and individual student level. 

  • Effective behavioural support strategies are designed to meet the needs of all students.


Dalby State School Reinforcement of Expected Behaviour


  • Behaviour walls in each classroom display our school values and school expectations.  Strategies to reinforce expected behaviours including a focus on positive consequences for behaviour are included. 

  • Each week Student of the Week Awards are presented on Parade to students demonstrating our values.  A student from each class is recognised for demonstrating an aspect of our values or improvement in either academic or behaviour.

  • Class Dojo – Teachers use Class Dojo to record positive behaviour choices made in classroom settings.  These points are awarded each time a child is demonstrating one or more of the school values of “Respect, Safety and Learning”.  These points are accumulated throughout the year with students accessing the rewards menu and collecting bag tags at regular intervals.  Free and frequent awarding of points if encouraged to ensure a positive learning culture within your classroom.